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Malaysia often gets overlooked when it comes to Southeast Asia. Places like Bangkok, Bali, and Hanoi usually get most of the coverage. However, with visually stunning buildings like the Petronas Towers and the vibrant street art of Georgetown, Malaysia is a real gem.

I took a short holiday to Malaysia after finishing up teaching English in Thailand. It was a last minute decision and I didn’t plan as much as I should have but the trip still turned out great. Unlike many of its Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia doesn’t require a visa when entering, which makes the planning process a bit easier.

Since I only had 4.5 days in the country, I didn’t get to see all the sights. I stayed in Kuala Lumpur the whole time. So I didn’t get to see the cool street art of Georgetown, Penang, or visit the tea fields and forests of Cameron Highlands. If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia and have the time, definitely visit these places!

kuala lumpur tower

The Kuala Lumpur tower is such a sight to watch at night. It lights up at night and periodically does a light show throughout the night where it flashes a bunch of different colors. I found myself just standing on the street watching it for a good minute.

petrona towers kuala lumpur

The Petronas Towers are the famous skyscrapers that Kuala Lumpur is most known for. There are tickets you can buy to visit the sky bridge and observation deck but in my opinion, it’s best to be outside of the towers.

Seeing them at night is not to be missed. Through some interweb research, I was able to find the best place for a view of them: Traders Hotel, Sky bar, level 33. I sat in the bar for two hours sipping on my drink before it got dark enough for me to get this view.

Batu Caves


You see all those stairs? Yeah, it was as strenuous as you would expect. Luckily there were monkeys playing on the stairs along the way that I was able to stop and look at. I took the sky train to get to the Batu Caves. Getting into it was free.

batu caves monkey kuala lumpur

Tired monkey on the steps leading to the Batu Caves. Her baby monkeys were jumping around on the steps with her.

batu caves writing

Writing on the walls of the Batu Caves.

batu caves

Woman sitting outside the Batu Caves selling necklaces and stuff.

kuala lumpur travel

This is one of my favorite shots from Kuala Lumpur! I was walking from my hostel to the Perdana Botanical Gardens and along the way, I spotted this little walkway on the side of the road.

The photo looks like it’s in some lush park or something, but it was really on the side of a busy road. I always love finding unexpected things like this.

chinatown petaling street

Stuffed teddy bears in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown.

chinatown kuala lumpur

Family eating lunch in Chinatown.

Chinatown kuala lumpur

I was about to leave Chinatown when I spotted this family walking down the street. I had to get a picture of it.

flower shop in Chinatown

Flower shop in Chinatown.


I took the KLIA Transit to Putrajaya, which is the administrative capital of Malaysia. I got to see and walk inside the Putrajaya Mosque. The tour guides were friendly and talked to me more about it and Islam. It was free to get in and people got long red robes to put on to get inside the mosque.

putrajaya mosque

Inside the mosque.

Putrajaya mosque

Ladies outside the Putrajaya Mosque. They were gossiping about people, haha.

What has been your favorite place to visit? Have you ever wanted to visit Malaysia? 

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