Investing 101 for Millennials

Investing is a powerful way to build wealth

You know investing is important. You’ve probably been told it’s important by your parents, commercials, banks, and financial advisors. But you’re stuck. There are so many options and terms being thrown around. Risk level, portfolio, investing diversification, 401(k), IRA. Aside from the information overload of financial terms, investing in the stock market seems like an all or nothing scheme. You either hear stories about people getting rich from investing or people who have lost everything from it.

The world of investing has a lot of myths and nonsense thrown around in it. It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s get some things clear: investing is one of the best ways to build wealth and grow your net worth over the long term.  

The stock market has produced 7% returns over the long term. Compare that to savings account which earn 0.05-1%, you can see why investing is important.

Although despite what commercials and guys in suits tell you, it does not have to require: high fees, financial advisors, or constantly monitoring stock news every morning like a mad person.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the free, 7-day email course:

  • Why investing is important & why everyone should be doing it
  • how to get started investing, even if you have a small amount of money
  • investing terms to know
  • what a 401(k) and IRA is and how to pick funds for them
  • the different options for investing
  • crafting your investing style

My Investing Story

No ever gets rich keeping their money in a savings account earning 0.05% interest. I know because I tried. I would squirrel away money into my savings account every month and thought it was safe.

I used to think investing was a scary thing that involved losing money. My mind would take me back to the 2008 economic crash and think “haha, putting money in the stock market? No way!”. The image I thought up in my mind showed it as being this super complicated thing I needed a financial advisor or bank to do for me.

Eventually, I learned that investing wasn’t so bad because over the long term, the stock market goes up. Keeping all my money in a savings account was bad. With my meager interest rate of 0.05%, my dollars were losing out on purchasing power due to inflation.

I wanted to build wealth and invest for this no-so-little thing called financial independence, so I wouldn’t have work forever and ever. I learned about investing and how, over the long term, despite dips along the way, the stock market continues to go up. The historical 7% average rate of return (after adjusting for inflation!) would help my money grow bigger.

Who this course is for

This course is for anyone who wants to get started investing and building wealth but is overwhelmed and confused by all the options out there. Newbie investors will learn how to get started investing and mistakes and myths to avoid. You’ll be able to make sense of all the investing terms and figuring out what types of investing funds to pick.

investing 101 for millennials

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