There are a multitude of resources, tools and services available. It can be overwhelming sorting through all of them! Through my time blogging and in life, I’ve found invaluable resources that have helped make things easier. I still collect more and more to this day!

I only recommend services I know are valuable and ones I personally use. Getting started in anything can be overwhelming, so I hope the resources below are helpful. Pick and choose which ones you like.


*Note: some of these links are affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy.

Personal Finance

mint finance appMint: The first budgeting resource I used when I started to get better and more proactive about my finances.

digit finance app logoDigit: Having trouble figuring out how to grow your savings? Digit helps you save money without thinking about it. A great way to get started in automating your savings!

credit sesame Credit Sesame: Checking your credit score regularly is super important since a credit score comes into play when applying for loans, housing, and even job applications sometimes. You can check your credit score for free using Credit Sesame!

wealthfront review, investing for beginners Wealthfront: There’s lots of advice on the internet about how to go about investing. It can kind of an overload. When I got serious about investing for retirement, I decided to go with a robo-advisor for a more passive approach. With Wealthfront, I just answered a few questions and they created a diversified investment portfolio based on my needs and risk tolerance. What I really like about Wealthfront is their low fees. They manage the first $15,000 of your assets for free and then it’s just 0.25% for any amount afterward.


Skillshare: An amazing website with online classes available in several different areas. I used this site a lot when I started to learn more about design and photography. They have a free account option, but many of the valuable, action packed classes are on the paid membership, which comes as low as $6/month.

Treehouse: This site is one of the leaders in online resources for learning to code. Definitely came in handy to learning more about HTML and CSS so managing WordPress wasn’t so scary.


dropbox for bloggersDropbox: Having your computer crash or losing your external hard drive is no fun, right? Dropbox is the cloud storage platform I use to house my documents. I love it because it syncs across your devices and makes it easy to share and collaborate on things with people. I use the pro plan which comes with 1TB (1000 GB) of storage for $10/month or $99 per year.

bluehost for bloggersBluehost: The hosting provider I have used and loved for the past three years. They offer super affordable packages, great customer support, and you get a free domain name when signing up.

mailchimp for bloggersMailchimp: A great platform to host your email list and newsletter on due to their volume of features and low/no cost options. The free plan alllows for up to 2000 subscribers and the pro plan comes with automation, targeting and collaboration features.

How to use MailChimp to grow your brand

Creating your email list in MailChimp 

MailChimp training (free workshop by Kory Woodard!)

Books & Offline

The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth: An amazing business and personal development book that you don’t hear about often enough. This book is all about embracing your “inner freak” and building a business/side business on your terms and personality. I’ve reread it multiple times because of the awesome tidbits of advice throughout the book. This book is an all-time favorite of mine.

The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now – Meg Jay  Making the most of your 20’s. Check out Meg’s TED talk as well, super inspiring.

52 Cups of Coffee: Inspiring and Insightful stories for navigating life’s uncertanties – Meg Gebhart  Ahhh, this book is so unique and perfectly done. The book is a series of interviews/anecdotes. During her senior year of college, Meg Gebhart set out to speak with someone new over coffee every week for one year (52 weeks). Her experiment took her all over the country and she got to meet some amazing and diverse people and hear their stories.

Airbnb: Throughout my travels, I’ve used Airbnb frequently. Staying in Airbnb’s is great because you can often score amazing places and have features like full kitchens, more space, more authentic experience and more! Prices are usually comparable or cheaper than motels and hotels. Click the link to get a $20 travel credit for an Airbnb stay.

The Passion Planner: This planner is great and different from a lot of other planners because it’s main focus is on helping a person make and realize their goals and put them at the center of their attention. I finally got the 2016 Passion Planner (my first one!) and have been loving it so far.