Rebel With a Plan is personal finance and self-development site centered around helping millennials abolish debt and make more

Rebel With a Plan

Rebel With a Plan, the manifesto of sorts. This website centers around giving millennials the advice and tools they need to rebel against the cycle of debt and overspending “the average American” finds themselves in. This a place for anyone looking to take charge of their money and figuring out how to make use it to shape it to build the life they want.

It’s not about letting the word should dictate our life. Life isn’t about following a syllabus, it’s about writing your own script. Taking charge of your money is the big step toward building a better life. It doesn’t have to be boring or complicated.

Being here, there is no place for your inner critic. The one who is okay with living paycheck to paycheck and staying in debt. That critic sucks. They don’t understand that money can be good, even great to understand and master. They’re probably the type of person that thinks it’s okay to clap when airplanes land.

I started this site because I realized money could be used as a tool, kind of like a shape shifter, to build the life I wanted. I blog two times every week about different aspects of personal finance.

  • Investing (it can actually be kind of cool! Even Jon Oliver thinks so!)
  • Saving money
  • Making Money
  • Money management

Rebel With a Plan is all about being resourceful and seeking out ways to expand your life and being conscious about your unique personality towards money. After all, personal finance isn’t always about cutting lattes and cable. It’s about becoming financially confident on your terms.